dduane: I happened to notice last week that the…

Monday, February 16th, 2015


I happened to notice last week that the follower-counter had run up into the 9900s. Which made me shake my head a little while thinking things like Seriously? Who are all these people? Do they really find what’s going on here interesting? And if they do, who am I to judge? 

And then it got funny when I noticed the counter had hit 9990. This is when — if you have nothing better to do — you find yourself going, Come on, just do it, go over the top! And it gets worse, in a silly way, the closer you get to the magic number. 9998! 9999! And there it sits for hours and hours. And then suddenly 9998! again. And 9997!  And you start getting antsy. What did I post that made them unfollow me? Was it the thing about the Hunterbatch anniversary? Was it the wedding pictures? (If it was, then they can eff straight off; if they can’t stand looking at my husband then I don’t care if they follow me anyway.) Was it the pancakes??!!

(snicker) “Tumblr angst.” Something I probably didn’t need a referent for. 

In any case… I greet the ten thousand of you affectionately. I promise to try not to bore you. Here you will find random writing musings, sudden outbursts of opinion, recipes, fangirling, Young Wizards stuff, and the effusions of someone whose favorite phrase is probably “Oh look at that!!” 

Thanks for hanging over my shoulder. You’re very welcome.  :)

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