snailkites: One wet Butterbutt (Yellow-rumped Warbler) – Photo…

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018


One wet Butterbutt (Yellow-rumped Warbler) – Photo by Dave Govoni

It’s raining in Carp tonight, and our local Butterbutts (mostly Audubon’s, but a few Myrtle’s like this one, too) are probably looking like this. We’ve evacuated (again; fourth time now). The heaviest rains aren’t due until Thursday. Fingers crossed that our house comes through okay. Pretty sure many people’s houses won’t.

I’m more worried about all the people who I know are rolling the dice by ignoring the evacuation order. My neighbor across the street is staying; I talked to him as we were leaving, and he waved off my comment that this storm was going to be bigger than last time. “That’s what they said last time,” he said.


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