A list of things I loved in Season 3, Episode 1 of Talking Marriage

Thursday, April 9th, 2015

1. The hummingbird over Ryan’s head

Probably an Anna’s, but it could also be Selasphorus sp., which this time of year could be either a resident Allen’s or a just-passing-through Rufous.

2. Evan’s 87/88 Back-to-Back World Champs t-shirt

Those were the days.

3. Evan’s kitchen sink and counter

Why do I love Evan’s kitchen sink and counter? Because they played such a prominent role in the Halloween episode, and now I finally get to see them in action. Yay! Is that dish in the sink in the drying rack? Is it clean? I think the answer must be: unambiguously yes.

4. Sean’s love life

5. Tiffany’s world

I love that Tiffany sleeps on a Disney-princess bed of flowers and cats, and that even Ryan being awful can’t bring her down. I realize there are problematic interpretations that could be made of the dude-centric humor, and I’m not defending that aspect of it. But there are layers.

The whole question of Ryan as non-self-aware awful person vs. Ryan as actual person creating the actual show is at the heart of what holds my attention with Talking Marriage. And just generally the way the show is so real and so not real, the way the other characters’ worlds clash so strongly with Ryan’s, like Tiffany’s does here.

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Evan Gaustad in Talking Marriage with Ryan Bailey: Talking…

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Evan Gaustad in Talking Marriage with Ryan Bailey: Talking Scarriage.

(Warning: linked video includes scary clips from horror movies.)

Because sometimes marriage can be scary.

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