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Saturday, May 4th, 2019


“We took this this season. I can’t remember what we were there for, whether it was a photo shoot or a costume thing, but it struck all of us that it was so rare that this many people were in one place at one time. So we were like, ‘Right. We need a family photo.’ This is obviously just a snippet of people who were on Thrones. I’d love to get a massive group of everyone who was on Thrones in one big photo. This is just what we ended up with, kind of the core group of us, minus for some reason Lena [Headey]. I don’t know why she’s not there. But it’s a really happy photo. I remember diving into the middle of it, trying to be center. The photo cuts a bit through all the shiny little faces we have to pull on press tours, and the people we are when we’re all dolled up for a premiere or a talk show or what have you. When we get on set together, a group like this, we’re fucking goofy and we play around. And I think you can tell from this photo how much everyone loves each other.”

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daenystormborn: You might need to invite him instead. Me ask…

Thursday, January 26th, 2017


You might need to invite him instead. Me ask him? It’s just not how it’s done. Poppycock.

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Wardrobe Queen Sarah Grace Hart (as photographed by Christopher…

Sunday, May 22nd, 2016

Wardrobe Queen Sarah Grace Hart (as photographed by Christopher Higgins, from the Shipwrecked Comedy FB page)

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Reblog if you’re over 20 and still read/write fan fiction.

Friday, September 25th, 2015















I’m curious!

So far over 20…

Is there a deadline?

The implications of this make me sad. 

what is that supposed to mean?? That when you’re over 20 your imagination is supposed to run dry?? Oh sweet summer child, you don’t want to challenge the power of imagination of a twentysomething… thritysomething… fortysomething. It gets mor colorful than your wildest dreams.

I have the feeling that someone might have told the OP that she was too old to still be writing fic.  Pfffft.  Let me tell you something. Once you start writing and reading fanfiction, YOU NEVER STOP.  

You will pry fic from my cold, dead, mid-20s aged hands.

Once you go fic, you never go back. I’ll be 26 next week. B)

33 and reading. How could you stop, when you realize that fanfic is superior to so many published novels our there AND FREE?

ok, shit, i guess i have to do it. I am over 40… I still don’t believe it myself. And I have never written/read as much fic as I have in the past year.

Always remember that our culture discourages adult women from doing things for their own enjoyment. Adult women are meant to spend their leisure time caring for men and children and doing labour to make themselves look more attractive. 

Reading and writing fanfiction is something women do only to please themselves. Adult women pleasing themselves is dangerous to a society that relies upon the unpaid labour of women.

I am 42. 

Reading and writing.

I’d go so far as to characterize fandom for adult women as a kind of rebellion. For the most part, society allows men to play with their fannish loves their whole lives–whether that means collecting comic books or painting themselves team colors and game day. Women, however, are supposed to “grow out of” purely having fun–particularly when that fun is primarily created and consumed by and with other women. 

Also, fandom is a leisure pursuit where women of all ages frequently interact (whether we know it or not)–which is too rare. We openly admit to *just goofing off* in order to enjoy ourselves – and do you realize how rare that is for women to speak about in our culture, much less embrace? Even in social media posts about being lazy, we’re supposed to be putting ourselves down, to some degree, but in fandom, spending the whole day writing or reading fic is something to be celebrated. It’s awesome.

Oh, and I’m 45. 

Twice 20 and then some. I only discovered fanfic recently!

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Evan Gaustad in Talking Marriage with Ryan Bailey: Talking…

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Evan Gaustad in Talking Marriage with Ryan Bailey: Talking Scarriage.

(Warning: linked video includes scary clips from horror movies.)

Because sometimes marriage can be scary.

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clavisa: aeternamente: itsgonnabeathing: Kissing in the Rain:…

Thursday, March 20th, 2014




Kissing in the Rain: Anne & Gilbert

Kissing in the Rain is so sweet and adorable and hilarious. It’s only two episodes in and it’s already just perfect.

Thank you John!

So hey, could this guy’s face be canon? Like he’s part of the #jily #ishipit movement, and he just posts pictures of himself reacting to his irl otp? This particular photoset would be in reaction to the AoGG trailer on the day it’s released.



1) Yes, awesome.

2) I love how it continues to put the pressure on Yulin in terms of what she does and doesn’t canonize. Like, is it cool to canonically hoist an actual person in-world and fictionalize him? Not just a fic or a piece of fanart, but an actual person? I realize that’s what happens to actors all the time, but does a fan who posts a picture of himself automatically grant the same kind of license to fictionalize his actual face?

I assume Ricky would be all over it, and like I said, awesome! But still, funny to me that this whole thing continues to be a never-ending series of wormy can openings for Yulin. :-)

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