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Friday, March 20th, 2020


It’s me!

Something I’ve come to really love about your blog is the limited range of species you choose to photograph. And now you throw in a CATO, and wow! I love that too!

There’s just no escaping my love for your blog. 🙂

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Reblog this with a photo of a bird that’s very common where you live.

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019












A bird that’s so common that it’s almost not “special” to see anymore. I want to share “common” birds with other people, and show everyone that some birds that are normal to others, might be rare or beautiful to people in another part of the world who don’t get to see them! So no matter where you are in the world, go ahead and add a picture of a common bird in your area! And add it’s name as well, if you know it. :D

I’ll start! I’m in Ohio, and we have tons of American robins here.


north carolina, and northern mockingbirds! they are everywhere, particularly where people are; parking lots, business centers, etc. they’re annoying to people because they’re loud and aggressive to other birds. but i love their minimalist markings and their amazing mimicry abilities! (plus, with a little bribery, they can easily become friends)

I’m from Stockholm, Sweden, or towards the outskirts, and we got a lot of Common/Eurasian blackbirds!

Fun fact, last year when it was really warm and dry we always had a blackbird come over whenever we were watering the garden, because he wanted a cooling shower and to grab some worms

But I’m also studying in Uppsala atm (commuting between the two cities) and there is an overabundance of rooks there, which was exciting for me since they are rare down here in Stockholm!

I don’t how common these darling angels are else where but I love them.

Mourning doves are a common sight outside where I live. Their coos are very distinct.

I’m in central California and you can’t walk outside without having a California scrub jay yell at you.

They have fuzzy gray heads when they’re fledglings

I will never tire of the local silver-eyes in Christchurch, New Zealand!

Florida Sandhill Cranes! 

They’re actually endangered, but we have a couple of nesting pairs around here, so we see them quite often.

aand here’s his mate. I presume she’s pissed off because its been raining and her seed is now soup. 


These tiny loud friends. Black-capped chickadees are so common you hardly even notice them up here (British Columbia, that is). They tend to congregate in shrubs and yell. But they’re very good-natured and will sometimes come sit on you.

We live on a wooded hill in Indiana, and cardinals are everywhere, and very vocal. They have quite a few different calls.

Some of these assholes northern mockingbirds lives in a bush outside our window and like to SHRIEK like a car alarm  at 7 am. Then it does like 80 bird and frog imitations.

Soooo many California Towhees…

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myrachidh: California Towhee ~ Pyrgisoma crissale ~ Melozone…

Saturday, December 30th, 2017


California Towhee ~ Pyrgisoma crissale ~ Melozone crissalis ~Tohi de Californie ~ Our Garden in Dolores Heights, San Francisco, California.

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The first bird I ever tried to identify on my own.

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