i tried the “ask your mom what she would do if you were a bug” trend

asked my dad too

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Tags: or at least, fun fact, I am texting with my adult son as we speak, and I text with my adult daughter on the regular, as someone who was a parent of young children, in the era when texting was a Battle of the Generations, b/c somehow, I had it in my head, that my responsibility as parent, was to enforce some kind of boundary, it’s ironic that texting with my children, is the primary and much-cherished way I still have, to keep in touch with them, in fairness to Mean Dad Me Of The Past, texting carried per message costs, and my kids were very much boundary testers, in the manner of velociraptors probing for weakness, so I kind of had no choice, that’s how it looked to me at the time.

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