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“We took this this season. I can’t remember what we were there for, whether it was a photo shoot or a costume thing, but it struck all of us that it was so rare that this many people were in one place at one time. So we were like, ‘Right. We need a family photo.’ This is obviously just a snippet of people who were on Thrones. I’d love to get a massive group of everyone who was on Thrones in one big photo. This is just what we ended up with, kind of the core group of us, minus for some reason Lena [Headey]. I don’t know why she’s not there. But it’s a really happy photo. I remember diving into the middle of it, trying to be center. The photo cuts a bit through all the shiny little faces we have to pull on press tours, and the people we are when we’re all dolled up for a premiere or a talk show or what have you. When we get on set together, a group like this, we’re fucking goofy and we play around. And I think you can tell from this photo how much everyone loves each other.”

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Tags: and I don't know, i made a conscious choice, to stop reblogging got, at a time when i was bothered by aspects of the adaptation choices, but i still watch, and still enjoy got content, from a few people i follow, whose sensibilities about the show, and the richer story it echoes, add a lot to my experience, this photo and caption, feels like i can suspend the rule, for a moment.

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