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“Janet is evolving so much—and it’s hard and exciting as an actor. There are such strict rules about what she can and cannot do, but at the same time, the possibilities are unending. So on one hand, we found out in season one that her version of crying is staring up at the sky wailing, but then by season two, all of the rules sort of go out the window because she’s starting to feel feelings. The episode ‘Janet and Michael’ was basically just me and Ted getting to play together, and it was incredible because he’s one of the best TV actors and as a scene person, he’s down for whatever and nothing can throw him. I feel beyond lucky to get to work with him. This episode goes through all levels of emotions, so it was too good to be true. We had this really fun week together that was almost like camp. In the episode, Michael admits that the reason he can’t destroy Janet is because she’s his best friend. And in that moment, Ted got teary-eyed, and it shocked me and made me teary-eyed. And then I panicked afterwards because Janet can’t cry! But we’re breaking the rules, and it’s such a gut feeling of knowing yes or no—Janet would or wouldn’t do that. With the emotion of that scene with Ted, it really did take me by surprise, but it still felt true to Janet.” – D’Arcy Carden [x]

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