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the pride and prejudice musical we deserve:

  • darcy doesn’t sing a single note even during conversations where everyone else is singing at him that is until the argument following his first attempt at proposing to lizzy where you can see his restraint fall away
  • his first big solo is the letter he writes her
  • gelsey bell is mary and the unofficial narrator and she sits down at her piano to describe whats going on but before she can ever reveal her feelings on the matter, starting with that gelsey bell scream, mr bennet comes over and does the whole ‘that’s nice dear but give someone else a turn’
  • mr wickham has this huge ballad about how darcy ruined his life and its super melodramatic and touching
  • mr collins proposal to lizzy is an absolute bop that he gets so into he forgets for a moment what he’s doing he’s just owning the stage
  • wickham has a song where he’s trying to seduce lydia but she’s not even listening she’s just monologuing about how excited she is to get laid
  • during darcy’s second proposal he keeps hesitating waiting for lizzy to interrupt him like she has done every time before but she doesn’t say anything until he’s finished
  • at the end mary sits down at the piano and right where she’d usually be interrupted, kitty joins her and harmonises
  •  jane and bingley have the adorable upbeat romantic duet which is just them being super polite like ‘oh so nice to have you here’ ‘so nice to be here’ interspersed with their inner monologue which is just them being like fucking jesus I’m so in love
  • the bingley sisters probably have a really cool mean solo
  • lady catherine has this terrifying disney villain song in the garden
  • there’s for sure a song about ribbon shopping

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