Coot FracasKnowing how much @anonsally enjoys posts about…

Coot Fracas

Knowing how much @anonsally enjoys posts about American Coots (Fulica americana), I wanted to share these photos of a coot dust-up I saw the other day at Lake Los Carneros.

I was photographing the original fight between Coots A and B, with Coot C an interested but apparently uninvolved onlooker (first photo above), when suddenly Coot D entered from the left, making a beeline for Coot C (second photo). Coot C was having none of it, and chased the interloper back from whence they came (third and fourth photo). Finally, the two original combatants settled into an uneasy détente (fifth photo).

I’ve tried, and so far failed, to come up with a compelling explanation for what all this fighting was about.

Postscript: While googling for the scientific name I saw this:




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