klemannlee:Western Kingbird #219. I saw the first of what ended…


Western Kingbird

#219. I saw the first of what ended up being eight of them that I counted, flitting from log to log on the beach in the flotsam that came down Carpinteria Creek in the storm. It had been all Cassin’s Kingbirds around here since the beginning of the year, and at first I assumed that’s what the bird was, but then it flashed its white outer feathers, and that made me look closer at the throat, and yup; it was gray without the contrast-y malar patch of the Cassin’s.

The WEKI’s have officially arrived. 😀

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Tags: birds, but still, carp without cars, santa barbara county year list, weki, this one actually bumps me up to second spot in the county in ebird, which I never expected would happen, but jasen hasn't been birding much, or at least not putting it in ebird, i don't doubt that he'll jet ahead, as soon as he gets around to checking out the spring migrants, because it's been those birds that have allowed me to catch him, first place is almost surely out of reach, because mark is not remotely messing around, he's at 236 as of the latest update, and like I said before, lots of the best birders in the county aren't using ebird, it's fun.

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