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In which I briefly appear! (in the “Dial-a-Fan” segment). Alan and I talked a bunch more about my favorite videos from Leg 3, though that part didn’t make the cut. But they kept the part in which I explain the motivation behind my curation of the Raw Content video spreadsheet, which is the source for the video part of the VOR Raw Content Metadata site.

Bril! I’ll check this out tonight!

So what WERE your favorite videos of Leg 3?

Here’s the list I sent to Alan before the interview:

#3: Jen Edney’s video of MAPFRE’s gybe-o-rama

#2: Sam Greenfield’s footage of Vestas’ start

#1: James Blake’s drone shots of AkzoNobel repairing the mast

…though that needs a bit of an asterisk, because James Blake’s video of the bad Akzo gybe and its aftermath was really a tie for #1.

I felt like the crash-cam footage of the gybe and (especially) the crew trying to get things under control afterward with Nicholson driving and monster waves overtaking them was probably the best reporting of the leg. But those drone shots of them up the rig doing repairs and the pull-back to show them completely alone in the Southern Ocean were artistically the most amazing thing I’ve seen in the race so far.

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