quickthreebeers:Why is it that the birds with “least” in their…


Why is it that the birds with “least” in their names always seem to have the most to say? (at Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge)

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Tags: oh well, never seen that one, legr, i talked about grebes in the beginner birdwatching class last night, the class enjoyed my impression of a grebe stealth-submerging, where they don't dive, but just compress their feathers and sink silently out of sight, I've found it's very easy in these classes, for me to imitate the bird behavior I'm talking about, without really thinking about the effect, of a grown-ass man acting out how a spotted sandpiper flies, or doing his impression of a ruddy duck courtship display, they seem to enjoy it, i'm taking a break in december, b/c of count mania and scouting and organizing and all, but they seemed to sincerely want me to keep the classes going in january, so ima do that.

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