Turn the Tide on Plastic gybes to starboard. Volvo Ocean Race,…

Turn the Tide on Plastic gybes to starboard. Volvo Ocean Race, 2017-11-07 1740 UTC. Source.

I want to talk for a second about that guy in red at the back of the boat. That’s Sam Greenfield, the boat’s on-board reporter (OBR). This time around, for the first time, the output of the Volvo OBRs is being published immediately, without filtering by the team sponsor or the race organization. The OBRs shoot the video, edit it on board, uploads it via satellite, and it’s immediately available for viewing on the race’s Raw Content page.

I’m kind of obsessed.

When I saw this video show up in the feed today I immediately got excited. Because in the beginning of the video you can see that the crew is shifting the stack to leeward, which means they’re about to gybe. And as far as I know no one had ever used a drone to record a racing sailboat gybing in conditions like this in the middle of the ocean.

Well, someone has now. :-)

Sam pioneered the use of drones in the last edition of the race, and since then they’ve become common in coverage of sailboat racing. But he keeps pushing the state of the art forward.

The start of Leg 2 has been windy and rough, and a lot of the OBRs (and not only the OBRs) have been dealing with seasickness. Despite being one of the victims, Sam has been sharing amazing stories off the boat over the last two days. I can’t wait to follow him around the world over the next 8 months.

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