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Welp, recent evidence says Morsov is Elvis Car Lancer/Gunner

Morsov is Bogan War Boy.

Not so Mediocre

(Possibly a Buzzard child…)

oh my god, I never realised it’s him (he looks so different when he’s not yelling???), but now it all makes sense, because at first the biker on the right rides alone

but after the Elvis Car crashes, the biker has Morsov on the bike

so he stopped and picked Morsov up real quick after the crash, how have I never noticed this before, I feel so ashamed

Because this movie zips everything across your vision lickity split, telling little hidden stories here and there but constantly keeping your focus on the main plot.

So much genius this movie is :3

So wait, once he’s on the rig he replaces the guy who is manning the gun on the fuel pod?


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Tags: fury road, war boys, morsov, i first saw this movie in may, it's now august, and fans are still discovering stuff like this.

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