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Things I care about:

– Max never fought to kill anyone. In every fight he had, his primary motivation was escape. Even when it would have been easier or more beneficial to kill someone, that was never what he chose.

– Max slowly learning how to talk again while in the company of Furiosa and the Wives (also, the fact that he kept his blood tubing and needle because MAX IS A GOOD PERSON and thought ‘someone may need my blood again’ EVEN AFTER ALL HE HAD BEEN THROUGH)

– Max being surprised at Furiosa’s willingness to trust him to drive the Rig to safety, and subsequent exchange of trust when he offered to take care of the dragging fuel pod, LITERALLY LEAVING BEHIND THE ENORMOUS PILE OF WEAPONS HE’D PILFERED FROM THEM THE MOMENT BEFORE 

– The amazing team they make fighting together okay they are so synchronized they work SO WELL together. And how she just stands up and he KNOWS to hand her Big Boy so she can take out the Rough Riders, and how he shoots out one of the windows for her so she can through the bomb through. THEY ARE THE ULTIMATE DREAM TEAM

– Max asking “So why’d you leave?” in that adorable voice, giving Splendid the thumbs up, how literally EVERY scene he had with Furiosa was a back-and-forth equivalent exchange of trust that grew slightly bigger each time

– Max forgetting his original goal (escape) and taking on a different motivation: protect. (He was once a cop, after all.) He’s crossed that horizon now, and even though it would make way more sense for him to bail, he takes on the Bullet Farmer singlehandedly at the probable cost of his own life (They are a tank of many armed people. He is just a Max) so Furiosa/Wives/Nux can keep moving.

– Murder Santa, that is all


– Turning Furiosa’s words back on her. “They’re looking hope. [I’m looking for] redemotion.” / “Maybe, together, we could find some kind of redemption.”

– Most of his actions in the final scene fully revolved around, “Get onto Joe’s car so I can save Furiosa.” But he kept being interrupted (mostly by Rictus.) And when he finally finally has his arms around her and can haul her back into the car there’s just this RELIEF on his face.

– The Blood Scene. I have ranted about the Blood Scene quite extensively before (it’s my favorite scene in any form of media, period) But basically: Max is reclaiming ownership over his own body and his name. Furiosa helped him get his personhood back; now he’s helping her get her life back and is once again able to reclaim his name when he couldn’t earlier.

– Max holding Furiosa up, supporting her as she took on her throne. And then that NOD they exchange at the end could be interpreted in so many ways, and I know a lot of people think he should have stayed (and for his own mental sake he certainly should have) but I have a LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT HIS CHOICE ANYWAY

– Max. I care about Max.

Yes yes all of this although, ugh, someone (PLEASE PING ME IF IT’S YOU) pointed out that the blood tubing that he used for Furiosa didn’t come from his own. It appeared after he went after the Bullet Farmer.

He’d scavenged it alongside the bullets, the wheel, and a shoe for Nux. Like he literally had a moment where he found the thing and decided to keep it, just in case.

Love these, but I do have to correct the bolded paragraph. He offered to take care of the fuel pod while still wearing the metal mask, and when he climbed out to do so he took the big bag o’ weapons with him. When he’s gone Furiosa checks the gearshift and pulls out the bone knife, which Max missed in his de-weaponizing of the cab, and which is later the thing that gets stabbed into Furiosa’s side. Interesting symmetry, there.

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