fernacular: Something I really really enjoy about Furiosa’s character:Most of the time in movies…


Something I really really enjoy about Furiosa’s character:

Most of the time in movies and books and the like when you have a badass warrior lady they have a common personality trait: they’re kind of huge jerks. They’ll do things like be hyper aggressive and rude and insult/belittle people and just all around be super harsh. And then off course they’ll have the heart of gold underneath and all that but it’s always buried under a veneer of defensive assholary.

And that’s all well and good, I’m not knocking it, but it gets kinda old after a while y’know?

furiosa isn’t like that! Furiosa is never mean spirited or harsh when she doesn’t need to be! Like, granted, she did grapple with max when they first met but it was because he had a gun trained on her charges. A typical action heroine would spend a good chunk of the rest of the movie being super antagonistic towards Max, but she doesn’t. As soon as she figures out Max’s motives she makes peace with him and becomes downright friendly. The meanest thing she ever says to max is calling him fool, but that’s just exasperation at his reluctance to cooperate.

 She never ridicules the wives for not being proficient at combat, she accepts Nux as soon as Capable vouches for him, and she is never rude or unreasonable. 

Furiosa is strong, competent, and independent, but they never make her an asshole to prove it. She remains unabashedly compassionate and kind, and I just adore it. 

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