I’d been a little anxious that Yann Riou no longer being…

I’d been a little anxious that Yann Riou no longer being the OBR on Dongfeng would mean a reduction in the quality of the videos coming off the boat; as anyone who follows me knows I’ve become a serious Yann Riou fanboy. But at least judging from this first video uploaded by replacement OBR Sam Greenfield, I don’t need to worry.

He’s doing something I haven’t seen in an on-board video before: Using a light-sensitive camera to shoot in color under the light of the full moon. It works better than I would have expected.

He also managed to capture the moment when the boat hit a fishing net, including reactions from Kevin and Charles. He cut it in with an interview on the bow with Kevin talking about his family members who are fishermen in Saint-Malo. It all works really well.

He also included a beautiful shot of Orion.

 A+ would recommend. :-)

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