Video updates regarding Vestas Wind

Some new videos have been posted that give a little more information about what’s going on aboard Vestas Wind and Alvimedica.

  • Call With Charlie Enright Regarding Team Vestas Wind Grounding (official VOR channel) – Genny Tulloch in Alicante interviews skipper Charlie Enright aboard Alvimedica. Alvimedica is currently motoring a few miles away from the wreck, just on the other (downwind) side of the reef.
  • A Long Night Ahead – Team Alvimedica Talk with Team Vestas (Alvimedica channel) – On-board video from Alvimedica, including radio conversations between them and the crew aboard Vestas.
  • Dongfeng Race Team’s reaction to Team Vestas Wind running aground (Dongfeng channel) – Comments by bowman Kevin Escoffier and skipper Charles Caudrelier aboard Dongfeng. Caudrelier’s comments, in particular, shed light on their own (late) discovery of the islands in their path: You have to zoom in closely in the navigational software to even see that the islands are there. In the old-school style of navigation I did growing up, you have to refer to the large-scale chart, not just the small-scale chart. I guess it’s an example of the sneaky way that technological advance can create new risks. Electronic charts are superior in many ways, but the old technology had centuries of hard-won experience baked into it. It takes time (and tragedies like this) to relearn old lessons when the technology changes.

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