Navigator Wouter Verbraak on Vestas Wind talking about their…

Navigator Wouter Verbraak on Vestas Wind talking about their strategy entering the doldrums.

Actually, at the moment there is an option to go east, which is very rare. So I’m scratching my head and double-checking that it is actually the case, because statistically it is a very dangerous strategy to go east. So I’m about to get the next satellite picture, which will be important to verify whether the models are in line with what is actually happening, or whether we should again, like so often in this leg, throw the models in the bin and go for what we see in the satellite pictures.

Apparently they decided to take the risk, because Vestas is way out there now, 35 miles east of the nearest competitor, Mapfre, and more than 150 miles east of the current leader, ADOR. As of the 1840 update (Oct 21) the eastern route doesn’t appear to be working, but that could change based on what happens in the next 24 hours.

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