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I’m sorry if that was true of your day today. Maybe if you watch the Ode video it will help?
lies Thank you :) And YEAH!! The ODE video was definitely an AWESOME, WONDERFUL, YES GOOD, PRETTY RAD THING in my day!
Can I use this reply to talk a bit…

There’s a wonderful generosity of spirit in Yulin’s work. It’s there in her enthusiasm for her little fandom. It’s there in the mood on-set in that behind-the-scenes video. And it’s there in the finished work, in the stories she chooses to tell and the manner in which she tells them.

I was thinking about this because of an item that Katie Moest (@orangepenguino, the LBD production designer) reblogged the other day about how unhappy George Clooney was with David O. Russell’s behavior on the set of Three Kings. And I’m a fan of David O. Russell’s movies, and maybe Clooney’s experience on that movie isn’t representative of who Russell is as a person, or even of how he typically behaves on set. And there’s a level on which it doesn’t matter, because the creation stands apart from the process that led to its creation. Big-budget Hollywood movies are a different sort of animal than micro-budget web videos, so it’s like comparing apples and oranges (or multinational apple-growing conglomerates and orange seeds, more like).

Edit: Oops. I posted this accidentally before I finished. Heh. Even the Tumblr app finds me long-winded and wants to help me hurry up and tl;dr already. :-)

I just wanted to say how lucky I feel to be able to enjoy the result of Yulin’s generous spirit. I can’t wait to see what she and her creative collaborators dream up next.

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