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Kelsey reads: Eleanor and Park

My daughter gave me crap last night for liking E&P so much. She did it by mockingly reciting to her mom, in my presence, a slightly exaggerated version of some of the things I’ve posted about it on Tumblr, then responding to my objection that I hadn’t said THAT with, “that’s exactly what you said.”

I’ll note that my son, who has actually read the book, was present. My son, who can mock with the best of them, did not join in.

I’m no paragon of logic and insight. I’ve just noticed (mostly via embarrassed reflection after the fact) that it’s really easy to fall into the fallacy of thinking:

– Many things in Category A (say, “YA accounts of young romance”) are bad

– This thing is a member of that category

– Therefore this thing is bad

Exceptions and edge cases exist. Having a map is not the same thing as having been there.

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