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Sigur Rós Live in JakartaBefore The Show

It’s been a week from Sigur Rós’ groundbreaking performance in Istora Senayan, Jakarta on May 10th 2013, yet its effect still working like magic on their fans. Including me (no, I mean, especially me). I, personally, still can’t believe I’ve experienced this concert. Holy mammals, it felt so real, in the same time so dreamy. As dreamy as ‘Mein Gott, no normal human beings could made music and performed it like that! Judas Priest!’. So then I found these photos and felt really happy and I believe these will make people who also adore them, happy.  And now let me throw a bunch of lovely facts from a concert crew to punch you in the heart:

  • They brought 8 tons cargo of the concert utilities, in total.
  • They brought their stage necessities in a great detail; including their own cables and RUGS! Oh, great people.
  • One of the technical production crew who worked with them said this Jakarta concert’s way better than the one held in Fort Canning, Singapore. The crew said ‘Sigur Ros and the performing players were creeped out by the crowd’s energy… in a very good way.’

Not having enough reason to forget this show? Oh, well, like hell I will forget it. I love this band so much! Argh.

All photos and comment are courtesy of @ezarupd. Thank you for sharing! We, nerds & groupies, owe you so much! x

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