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Okay, how about something light-hearted yet maybe a little personally revealing, on a general level. If music perferences can help define a person in some small way, then let’s try a little experiment. Since iPods and other various portable MP3 players are becoming more and more prevalent in our society these days, I challenge the readership at lies.com to post the last 12 songs that they have listened to on shuffle mode.

Here’s my list:

Catch Me – Monte Montgomery
Evil Woman – Electric Light Orchestra
Different Air – Living In a Box
Atchafalaya – Virginia Coalition
One of the Millions – XTC
Instant Karma – John Lennon
Beautiful World – Colin Hay
Private Conversation – Lyle Lovett
Driving Home – Cheryl Wheeler
Spotlights – Let Go
Get Set – Taxiride
Dazz – Brick

Your turn……

8 Responses to “iPod Insights”

  1. jbc Says:

    Hm. Well, I’m now listening to various podcasts in the car on my drive to and from the new job. But in terms of music I’ve listened to in “Party Shuffle” mode via my laptop lately, it looks like the last 12 are:

    Dissolve – The Rosemarys
    Sunday – The Cranberries
    Survival – Beth Quist
    The Ghost in You – The Psychedelic Furs
    One – U2
    The Best I Can Do – Joe Jackson
    Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of – U2
    Heaven or Las Vegas – Cocteau Twins
    Sanctus – Durufle
    Loneliness – Annie Lennox
    Underneath It All – No Doubt
    All God’s Children – The Finn Brothers

  2. Sven Says:

    I had my Mac iTunes in shuffle mode while painting my house yesterday. My last 12 songs of Christmas:

    Stay Up Late – Talking Heads
    Yatahaze – Dredg
    Bloodletting – Concrete Blonde
    Weapons of Mass Distortion – The Crystal Method
    Do You Realize? – The Flaming Lips
    My Doorbell – The White Stripes
    The Bottom Line – Big Audio Dynamite
    One Armed Scissor – At The Drive-in
    Apeman – The Kinks
    Could You Be The One? – Hüsker Dü
    Waiting Room – Fugazi
    The Widow – The Mars Volta

    And now back to painting…

  3. adam_blust Says:

    Here’s mine:

    Language – Suzanne Vega
    The Shortest Story – Harry Chapin
    ‘Til It Shines – Lyle Lovett
    Time Will Do The Talking – Patty Griffin
    Little People Make Big Mistakes – Timbuk 3
    Set The Night To Music – Roberta Flack
    I Just Fall In Love Again – Carpenters
    I Know You By Heart – Eva Cassidy
    Away in a Manger – The Roches
    Djan Djan – Angelique Kidjo
    It’s Only Me – A.J. Croce
    Just A Little Bit – Etta James

  4. treehugger Says:

    Not an iPod, but in my mp3 player currently…

    12 Days of Xams – Gary Hoey
    Carol of the Bells – Trans Siberian Orchestra
    Luck Man – The Verve
    Holiday – Green Day
    Jesus of Suburbia – Green Day
    Golddigger – Kanye West feat. Ray Charles
    The Red – Chevelle
    Happy – Mudvayne
    Lola – The Kinks
    Led Zepplin – Hey Hey
    The Guess Who – Share the Land
    DHT – Listen to Your Heart (2005 Remix)

  5. ymatt Says:

    I detest shuffle mode, but bringing up a randomized party shuffle in iTunes, I got:

    Torn – Arovane
    B2 – Richie Hawtin
    Watery Glass Planet pt 3 – Luke Vibert
    Focus – DUB
    Suite For Creeper – People Under the Stairs
    Otono – Orbital
    Bone Digger – Medeski, Martin & Wood
    i mode – Arpanet
    Isn’t that a Funny Bird – Gottfriend Tollman & Ralf Hildenbuetel
    Amenity – Link
    Invigorate – Prefuse 73
    Thought at Work – The Roots

  6. leftbehind Says:

    Duchess – Boss Hogg

    Waiting for Heaven – Blake Babies

    Flames Go Higher – Eagles of Death Metal

    Willow’s Song (from “The Wicker Man”) – Paul Giovanni

    You’re A Witch – Crash Coffin

    Hark! The Herald Angels Sing – Vince Guaraldi Trio

    Oh, Word? – Beastie Boys

    Under My Thumb (live at Altamont) – Rolling Stones

    Hillbilly Stomp – Kid Rock

    In the Ghetto – Eric B. and Rakim

    All Blues – Miles Davis

    L’Ambition dans le Miroir – Acid Mothers Temple

  7. Anonymous Canadian Says:

    pain fade down – Trash80
    Jackie Got Married – Wild Strawberries
    Running Up That Hill – Adam West
    Smoke Gets In Your Eyes – The Platters
    Fiddler’s Green – The Tragically Hip
    schroeder’s failure – Trash80
    Banana Man – Tally Hall
    Xanadu – Rush
    Unloved – Jann Arden
    Another Heart Breaks – Electric Light Orchestra
    Out of the Woods – Aeslin Debison
    I Think I’ll Disappear Now – Crash Test Dummies
    Dirty Old Town – Irish Descendants
    Bleed a Little While Tonight – Lowest of the Low
    Underground – Blue Rodeo

  8. pixiedust92117 Says:

    Here are mine

    If I aint got you -Alicia Keys
    Audio Slave-Audio slave
    Cant get enough of your love-Barry White
    Save a horse, ride a cowboy-Big and Rich
    Honest mistake-The Bravery
    Never there-Cake
    Beautiful (acalpella)-Christina Aguilera
    Should I stay or go now-The Clash
    With arms wide open-Creed
    Just like heaven-The Cure
    A little less conversation-Elvis Presley
    Shake your money maker-Ludacris

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