John Balzar Beats the Drum (Ambiguously) for War

I’m not sure why I still link to the L.A. Times web site, since it sucks so severely in so many ways, including that it requires a “free” login (all it will cost is your soul; use cypherpunk98/cypherpunk in the meantime), and that it routinely moves things around to break inbound links more than a few days old. But, unfortunately, it’s the web site for the dead-tree news source I get every day, and when I come across something cool in its pages that I can’t find anywhere else, I have to link to it. (Hmm. Or I could just steal it, and post it here. Have to think about that.) So, anyway: John Balzar has an interesting op-ed piece there where he talks about Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, and the ambiguity of evil. I disagree with his conclusion, in which he gives dubya props for pursuing military brinksmanship as a way of achieving Good in a murky world, but I still like that someone is talking about ambiguity.

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  1. Sam Spagnoli Says:

    Hi John: Haven’t seen your stuff in the L.A. Times lately. Why? Loved your work….Sam

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