Parrish, Huffington On Wellstone

Geov Parrish and Arianna Huffington each do a nice job of summing up why Paul Wellstone is being warmly eulogized by people across the political spectrum: Because, in a country where politicians have become uniformly timid, unwilling to take any position without first measuring its effect on likely voters, Wellstone was different. Here’s Parrish’s version, and here’s the one from Huffington (who, interestingly, Janus confessed the other day that he really wants to be when he grows up).

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  1. onan Says:

    Heyheyhey. What I said was that I really wanted to be Gore Vidal when I grow up, but that I’d accept ending up as Arianna Huffington. An assertion with which neither of them would probably be comfortable, but so be it.

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