Jackass: The Movie Debuts at #1


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  1. a_stupid_box Says:

    As harsh of a critic as I am on such mockeries of movies (“John Carpenter’s Ghost of Mars” being a good example), I saw this and loved it. In fact, I’ll probably go back and see it again when it hits the “Budget Theatre” in town.

    It probably appeals to my own experiences, as back in my youth (4 or 5 years ago) my younger brother, myself, and a bunch of our friends would video tape such events as snowman tackling, poo logging (tossing little debbie cake rolls into oncoming highway traffic), and street tow sledding (it’s always funny when someone stops the truck too fast).

    Or maybe I just AM low brow… either way, good flick if you like to see relativly intelligent people doing stupid (and dangerous) things.

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