Eve Hibbits Cleared of Charges

Eve Hibbits, the mother of three who was charged with felony child endangerment and jailed for eight days last August when her kids were seen with sunburned faces at an Ohio county fair, has been cleared of all charges. As someone who thought the original charges and jail term were pretty excessive, I guess I’m happy to see that, though the reality is that I have a hard time caring much either way. Still, I’m linking to the story because I think her mugshot is funny (and scary).

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  1. A.D.K. Says:

    Eve Hibbits was again arrested after one of her children died from pneumonia. She at not time sought medical attention for this child. The child also had extensive bruising on his face, consistent with a hand being held over his mouth. The other children in her “care” also had pneumonia and had not been taken to medical professionals.

  2. fredschick101 Says:

    this is bull she is my mother and she was not arrested when her son died for ur information…. She did not hold her hand over his mouth thank you I was there at the time I seen it all. The bruises was from CPR when he was born he bruised easliy so them bruises was not from her. If ur going to post things u need to get ur facts straight first ok thanks….

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