70 year old woman steels sheep for sexual plesure

from the badly-spelled-user-submissions dept.

Yeah, I know. Not many lies.com updates lately. Sorry. Working on it. In the meantime, we’ve got another user submission. This one is fairly typical: bad spelling and doesn’t make much sense at all. But it’s something other than nothing, and the “1 Submissions” thing in the Slash admin bar kept staring at me and making me feel guilty. So follow the link, or scroll down, for the submission. Woo!

fatty fat fat writes “70 year old sandra redcock, stole a sheep from the o’brians heard last week. she suposivly has a strap on dildo, and “wanted to be in control,” well this is what she told her husband when he walked in on her in the barn. she said she had had been doin it for the past year and felt she had more plesure with the animal than with eaither herself or her own husband.”

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    any old bitch that doesw that is a nasty bith. peas out yall old fuchs

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