The Wine Brick

from the do-not,-under-any-circumstances… dept.
From a Nanog discussion, via Hiro, comes this story about the Wine Brick, something I’d never heard of before. During Prohibition, you apparently could buy a compressed block of grapes, ostensibly for making grape juice. It had instructions that began:

To make a refreshing grape-juice drink, dissolve contents in large pitcher of water…

But on the other side was a warning:

Caution: Never mix contents in two gallons of warm water to which you have added a pinch of yeast, and one pound of sugar. If this mixture is left to stand in a cloth covered container for two weeks, an ALCOHOLIC beverage will result, which is illegal.

I love this. As we grope our way toward an uncertain future, may we never lose sight of those things that make this nation truly great.

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