Man Arrested for Licking Women’s Feet

from the excuse-me-while-I…-mmm dept.

I think the title says as much about this as needs to be said.

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  1. paras Says:

    i love this site.

  2. Rich Says:

    i like to lick women’s feet. i hope some email me that wont mind this!

  3. John Says:

    I love women’s feet so much, that if a woman on the street with nice looking clean toes, asked me to get down on my knees and lick her feet. I would do it without even hesitating. I feel that the FEET are a woman’s most sensual spots of her body. Aside from licking ladies feet, I just love to kiss them, caress them and massage them with hot smooth oil. I have liked feet since I was a young kid. Ladies feet fascinate me. I would like to open up a place where men can come and enjoy ladies feet and maybe get teased by the feet, but without sex or pornography, just “PURE FOOT WORSHIPING.”

  4. Jack Says:

    If you ever open a place like that here in Wilmington, North Carolina area I would be one of the first guys to come in. I my self love White, Asian, Latino and Bi Racial womens feet since I was a child. If there are any women in the coastal area of Kure Beach to Holly Ridge North Carolina that would love there feet worshiped and are of legal age feel free to contact me.. And you don’t have to worry about any pornograph or sex just your feet worshiped and you can leave right after wards with no strings attached. If you feel more comfortable you may bring some of your female friends.

  5. John Mitchell Says:

    I also love sexy feet and sucking toes. I used to think I wasn’t normal but now realize that for me this is perfectly normal and I shouldn’t be ashamed to accept this fact. I also love to smell sexy feet. Alittle diferent I guess but perfectly harmless.

  6. arron Says:

    i luv all looked after sexy feet and everything that goes with it!!!!!

  7. josh Says:

    i luv licking the wrinkly parts of feet an getting women to rub the feet on my doo-dahh

  8. Francisco Says:

    None of you guys are alone. When I was a kid, I used to think that there was something wrong with me. Some times I was called “wierdo”, “pervert” and all sort of names when I was caugth looking at women’s feet. Today, I know better. After my Bachelor’s, Master, and ongoing Graduate Thesis work, I know I am smarter than the average, and I still love a girl’s sexy feet.
    Just keep looking, you will find the right girl and will have alot of fun with her. I DID.

  9. chris Says:

    i love licking mens feet im gay man and i love it getting my tounge in their toes and sucking lovely i also love facesitting do any of you guys like licking ass. any men wanna put thier feet on my face im 15 gay male birmingham

  10. Bill Says:

    I would love to worship women’s feet because they are worth it. I would love to be just a worm under their feet and getting kicked whenever they please for their enjoyment.

  11. joey Says:

    i love feet i like to tuch them and rub them and suck on their toes

  12. Stacy Says:

    I gave a search on google for “women’s feet” on one of the links I found this page. The reason I was searching was because my boss’s boss used to stare at me and my feet. I used to think he has a crush on me and when I asked him one day he said I’m too beautiful for him and he would be just happy to be at my feet licking it and he wanted me to spit on his face and kick him and a long list of stuff like that. He also said that he will give me expensive gifts and will clean my apartment if I humiliate him. Making a man lick my feet will sure make me feel good but I also wanted to check on net for more such ideas and to see how common is this kind of behavior.

  13. darkman Says:

    no like me,i adore women feet to the back bone,il be blessed wen a gurl i adore will giv me her feet to lick them

  14. Key Says:

    I love womens feet more than anyone, especially their toes.
    My fantasy would be to be 2 inches tall and have a woman take me and make me her slave. Then she would force me to worship her feet.
    Also she would play with me using her toes, and make me paint her toenails. I would also love for her to wear me in her shoes, and make me sleep in her socks while she wears them.
    So many possibilities if i was just 2 inches tall. Imagine a women that is 100 times bigger than me, lifting me up to her face and just kissing me, then putting me on the floor and pinning me down with her toe.

    So sad sad sad that this will never happen :(

  15. sushil kumar Says:

    hi friends,

    I am bugged by the foot fetish myself and always dream of being kicked, caressed and humiliated by beautiful female feet. But I am in mysore – India a very conservative country and I dont know where to contact anyone who could be gracious to lend her feet and fury to satiate my apetite. I hope this blog finds that for me.

    Please help…..


  16. Imam Says:

    Im 14 Years old , and I like girl feet too , but i never smelled or licked any feet , tahts too bad , need some help

  17. Alex Says:

    There is nothing that has power over me like the feet of women. NOTHING! I’ve tried to ween myself from this enslavement, but I’ve really had no success at all. I in fact love and adore them. I pick up strange women on the street all the time convince them to let me kiss their feet. It’s worked a couple of time. Wanderers and drifters have great smelling feet. Hookers too. I’ve spend literally thousands of dollars satifying this insane desire. It’s an addiction no doubt, but I LOVE IT!

    Helpless in Charlotte

  18. joe Says:

    i luv female feet. i wish that one day i could just get some sexy girl to order me to smell her feet. i would do anything for that. i am 14 and if a 14-18 year old girl wants her feet smelled or licked then try n find me on me email.

  19. Christopher (London,Uk) Says:

    Hi peeps – just wondered what you think of my plans- Im 22, london, uk, web design grad, about to start my own “foot and high heel worship” service. General idea is women can call up, ie for a party, and have me or some guy i employ go round, and lick their feet etc. They can do anything- kick us in the balls etc, anything to do with feet and heels and we do it. Have handed out fliers on the street, have to say, got a good reaction from 92% of women.

    So what do you think? will be free of course!

  20. C D Says:

    I’ve never actually had the guts to approach a woman and ask to lick her feet, or smell or kiss them, or whatever. Which does annoy me in some ways, cause its something I’ve always wanted to do, and it drives me crazy to think that all it may take is a simple question, and that the answer may be yes. Or rejection.
    The comment on here about “wanderers and drifters” did intrigue me a bit though.
    What are the statistics? Am I more likely to be rejected if I do ask a womans permission to worship her feet? Anyone ever tried asking a business woman who’s been working all day in hot tight heels or the like?
    In otherwords, whats the best kind of female to ask?

  21. tama Says:

    I was always adoring female feet. Now I have to take off my girlfriend s shoes evyrytime she is back home and give her massage with my hands and my tongue. Even when we are with friends she gets her feet on my legs and asks me to massage. Everytime we have a disagreement she shows me her feet and I become obedient again. She punishes me sometimes by making me wear her smaller size of cource heels and be like that the whole day in the house. One time she put her spiky shoe in my arse and let it there for an hour.
    The last month she got another idea. She is fucking with other men while I am licking her wonderful feet and seeing my girlfriend taking two cocks.
    I can everything for her because I m slave of her feet.

  22. Fran Says:

    I have become my wifes total foot slave now, she doesn’t have sex with me anymore, i’m just allowed to see to pamper kiss and lick her sweaty feet. She has found herself a boyfriend, and has told me i can stay with her if i do as i’m told, which i’m more then happy to do. one of my duties is to kneel at the foot of the bed and kiss and lick her smelly feet clean as she makes love to him. when she wants house work doing she rolls up one of her sweaty stockings and puts it in my mouth, while its there i maust do every thing she tells me and i’m not allowed to speak, i can’t take the stocking out until she tells me, i’m happier then i have ever been…

  23. Attieh Elie Says:

    I love licking, kissing feet if any girl want too… add me to her hotmail:

  24. Deevan Says:

    I also love women’s feet, but they have to be attractive – meaning shapely, and I tend to like only Caucasian (white) feet. Its just a preference, since I also am very attracted to blondes. Hey brunettes are fine too! I think a fascination with female feet is simply due to the fact that they are very attractive. A woman (of the background I mention) taking off her sandals, and showing her barefoot to me is ecstasy.

  25. Mus Says:

    hi im 16 years old and i love womens feet there so beautiful. my auntie has got beautiful feet i use to stare at them every time she came over for a visit. one day she was lying on the sofa and her feet were high up no one was in so i tought i would give it a go so i went over and just started to lick them. they smelled so nice and she never said anything so i carried on but then she wanted more so she undressed and we had sex for two hours it was great. but shes married and a mother of two. i need someone else as pretty as her and as sexy as her for me to make love with.

  26. Gerraud Says:

    Since I can remember I’ve always enjoyed women’s feet. It’s unfortunate that most women want allow men to indulge in their feet. Some women understand the power their feet have over men, while others allow public opinion to dictate their feelings. For those women who don’t understand our appreciation of your feet, please don’t criticize, but understand it’s a deeper admiration of love. It’s difficult and challenging for some men to express themselves. If expressions of love iare shown through the feet, women should accept it with open arms.

  27. Justin .F Says:

    Im 14 years old and i love pretty much all feet my freind whos name is john hes kinda short and i wish he would just take off his socks and fall asleep and i would message his feet i have alot of people at school that i wish this would hapen even womans feet ne kind of feet i love

    Email me at if your 13-15 years old and have the same feeling becaus i feel alone and i wana talk to someone to feels the same way

  28. kieth Says:

    Hello everyone :)

    I am a worshipper of female feet as well as you, sadly I’m terribly unattractive, so I’m unlikely to ever get a nice girl to allow me to worship her feet :(

    My fantasy would be if my Lady were extremely dominant, and enslaved me with the power of her feet. She would blackmail and tease me with her feet. She would demand for me to massage them, and lick them clean after she’d been doing sports or working, so that her feet would be sweaty and smell great :)

    She would also carry a whip, and crack it all the time while making her demands. Sadly, unless I become rich and bribe some hooker to allow me to fulfill this fanstasy, it’s unlikely ever to happen :'(

  29. ryan Says:

    when i was 14 years old iwas really into female feet. i had 3 female cousins who were all mixed race and all were very attractive, so once we were foolin around and we thought of agame called the smelly feet game. they all sat on a sofa in a row and askd if i would smell their feet. so on the first girl her feet were size 6 & her toenails were painted pnk. so i sniffed each fot for 3-5 mins. the next gil was a size 7 , her toes were painted purple. i had sniffed,suckd and kissed them for about 20 mins because they smelled the nicest. then the other one didnt want me to smell her feet (no nail varnish) so she just put her feet up high and told me to lick them insted. that day was the best of my life. sometimes when i tell my girlfrind that story she slowly removes her shoes and socks and wiggles her toes and wants me to undress her and smell,lic,kiss,suck and rub them. afterwards for a few hours she gets 2 slices of bread n puts her feet between them and orders me to eat it. sometimes i lick syrup off them. SHE LOVES IT !!!

  30. Prsh Says:

    wen iwas 14 and at school in east barnet ther was this girl who i had loved ever since i layd eyes on her. her name was alexandra horne and in our classes together i used to sit at the back of the class or a couple of rows behind where she sat, anyway every lesson she used to remove her shoes for whatever reason and sometimes one of her friends who sat infront of her would remove alexandras sock wenever she put her foot up near them. and then she would get her feet under the table and jus sit there. once wen she came into school without socks on i knew i had to do something. so wen she slipped her shoes of i purposely threw my pencil near her feet while the rest of the class was talking. then i went under the table and thought here goes. and i began to smell her feet pressing my nose against them and take big sniffs. then she felt it and looked down so i stopped. then she said what the hell are you doin!, i explained to her then the following weekend she askd me to go rnd her house. so i did and she called me up 2 her room and she had about 6 or 7 friends with her all naked sitting in a circle legs stretched out and alexandra said. will you do to all of us 1 att a time wot u did to me in class except this time sniff lick and kiss and rub to all parts of our soles ,and then pls let us suck ur cock one at a time. that day ill nevr forget and sometimes on friday we get together and do the same thing and the girls sometimes some of them drench their feet in syrup or jam etc and sometimes i lick icecream of their feet and tits. WE ALL LOVE IT!

  31. TJ Says:

    I LOVE WOMEN’S FEET!!! Any attractive women in Chicago who want their feet adored (No sex) E-mail me and let’s get together!

  32. DREW Says:

    hello amigos(friends),
    I to love women’s feet.I adore them!!! I realy want to smell,rub,or
    lick woman’s feet.Im 13 and one of my teachers has realy sex feet.
    sometimes I would just relax and look at her feet.I would imagen my-
    self licking her feet,but sometimes i woulden’t because id think
    they catch me looking at them.

  33. Dan Says:

    im 18 and i love looking at womens feet, i love to like their soles and suck their toes. I havent had an experience with womens feet before but im looking forward to it some day and cnt wait! Im from england. my msn is so any girl with a webcam plz add me!

  34. smellyfeet Says:

    i am 15 and i love smelling licking and sucking boys and girls feet. i have liked feet since i was 4. i love licking between my 9 y/o cousins toes and smelling his feet the best. i also smell my own feet!i would love to smell and suck justin fs feet aqnd toes and all the 14 y/o plese post here. dan and drew i will let you smell my feetif i can smell yours!

  35. Anonymous Says:

    As long as I can remember I adored women’s feet even as a young boy. My insane foot fetish is somewhat picky however. I prefer shorter stubbier toes with high wrinkly arches. I love the summer obviously and feel deprived in the winter. I’ve never had the courage to approach a women to tell her “You have beautiful feet. Please let me kiss them, lick them and suck on your toes. Then you can go with no strings attached.” I’m afraid to ask not because of possible rejection but perhaps for fear of sexual harrassment or embarrassment. Besides, I’m kinda shy. My finace has nice feet and she lets me kiss them but I need more. I’m always looking to fulfill my foot fantasies. If there are any women who’d love to have their feet worshipped, I’m your foot slave man. Just e-mail me at

  36. Dr. Solefoot (a.k.a. "Heel Dawg") Says:

    This is Docktah Solefoot from Oakland “Oaktown” Kali. I was surf the internet today for some research information for my upcoming poetry publication entitled: “Black Sistah’s Feet”. I’ve been working on this poetry project since 2002. In 2003 at the Famous Poets Convention in Orlando, Florida I was awarded a “Famous Poet Of 2003 Medallion and Shakespear’s Trophy Of Excellence” for my poetry presentation.

    I’ve had a foot fetish for over 30 years and have photographed hundreds of beautiful peds. Most of the Black women in my family have medium to very large feet with very thick high-mass heels, thick pancake soles, and very succulent toes. All of my girlfriends had large beautiful feet with extreme color contrast along the skin of the instep and their soles. And I love Black womens feet with thick ‘bulbous bouffant heels’….it just a preference that I find so erotically beautiful. Black women and all other female races have feet that have very unique characteristics that make them so attractive to us gentlemen…and yes even to women!

    If I had the time I would love to expres my “foot” exploits but this BLOG would probably cause the ‘server’ to this site to malfunction from the overheated discriptives. However, I would like to post a few ‘stanza’ examples of my poetry which are “copyrighted and registered” under the International Poets Society register for your viewing pleasure.

    Black Sistah’s Feet

    Twitching In The Grip Of My Hands As I Nibble Around Those Nectarine Heels

    Scrunching As I Ravenously Suck Your Toes And Lick Your Honey Glazed Soles

    While You Writher In Bed Crying And Moaning And Uttering Delirious Squeals
    Black Sistah’s Feet

    In A Sharp Pair Of Slick Black Alligator Slides

    That Smack Against Those Drop Biscuit Heels

    And Long Flat Soles With Thick Pancake Sides
    Black Sistah’s Feet

    Have Captivating ‘Feetures’ That Look Fine From Any Angle

    But There Is Nothing More Provocative Or Intriguing To See

    Than A Shoe Set Free To Swing From Your Sweet Sole And…Dangle
    Black Sistah’s Feet

    Are Just To Attractive And Erogenous To Be Forsaken Or Forgotten

    I Am A Brotha That Admires Black Sistah’s With Well Kept Feet

    Especially Those That Are Soft And S-m-o-o-t-h As Docktah’s Cotton
    Black Sistah’s Feet

    With Arches Shaped Like French Curves

    Your Pearl Painted Toes And Deep Wrinkled Soles

    Are Truly Workin’ My Nerves
    Black Sistah’s Feet

    Glistening From The Water That Cascades From My Hand Held High Against A Clear Moonlit Sky

    Spattering Like Drops Of Lustrous Silver That Seep Through The Cleavage Of Your Sweet Meaty Toes

    And Trickles Down The Wrinkles On Your Slender Soles That Were Soft As The Crust Of A Pecan Pie
    Black Sistah’s Feet

    Strapped In A Pair Of Stiletto-Heeled Thongs Slightly Undersized

    Elevating Thick Bulbous Heels That Jut From The Back Unconfined

    Your Jet-Black Skin And Pink Salmon Soles Leaves Me Hynotized
    [Poetry excerpts from: “Black Sistah’s Feet” (C) 2005]

    If there are any “sistah’s” living in the San Francisco Bay Area who would like to have their feet photographed for the various stanza’s in this work please E-M me. Your feet should be at least a size 8 or “greater!” “I…Love…Big…Feet!

    The final editing of these poems of which there are approximately 150 stanza’s and the photograph’s I’ve shot on [film] will be completed by late-February 2005. Publication is slated around May or June 2005. This publication is destined to be a ‘foot-fetish’ collectors item. Their will be no subsequent printings. If you have any comment or questions please E-M me


    Dr. Solefoot
    Oakland, Kali.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    I was in my cousins house last month she is 15 and I am 16. S he is very hot and I love feet.
    She came into her room and sat on the bed and removed her shoes and smelly socks. I could not believe my eyes! I got so aroused.When she turned around I put her sock to my face and smelled it but she caught me.She lifted her sexy feet up and put them on my face and said smell them them.
    She saw I enjoyed it so she climbed up on me and sat on me. she could see i was aroused.
    I started licking her feet and she was grinding on me.I started to moan an came in my trousers.

  38. Greg Says:

    I LOVE female feet. I’d do anything just to have a girl put her feet on my face and make me lick them. I don’t see how it’s possible not to like feet. They’re the best part of the female body! I’m 15 and I’ve never licked a women’s feet, but I’d love to anyday.

  39. carcoll Says:

    I’ve loved girls feet ever since I was 4. I’m 13 now and I can’t get enough! I use google all the time because I’m very shy about it. I love the smell, look, feel and everything else! I’ve only smelled 3 girls feet in my life though..I’m quite desperate heh. I’m crazy over them, they’re the most attractive part of girls bodies! Any girls that would let me see their feet on webcam or by pics in the age of 12-28 add me on msn or e-mail me!

  40. carl Says:

    I love feet! I am 15 and I love to smell and lick my girlfriends feet all the time. We go to her house after school and her perents are out for 4 hours!
    We make out and I take off her socks and suck her toes. She gives me foot jobs and I cum like crazy. She also gives great blow jobs too.

    I would liketo smell boys feet also

  41. mikecarlo Says:

    im 33 i have had womens feet since the age of 5 with the girls i was growing up with i was shy also but any more i have had many feet since the best thing i can tell you boys that are in your teens is when you get a girl friend just lick her feet see what she says or do what i did to my cousens feet i use to lick them when she was asleep and she know it to and loved it if you boys ahve a sister and shes a heavey sleeper go for it but be sly about it if you see a girl barefoot in public thats a chance right there

  42. Japanese_Gurl Says:

    hi! im Mai Hayashi, 16 years old from tokyo.. i really love it when guys stares at my feet.. it makes my cheeks red. i always see my boyfriend sniffing my sneakers and socks.. my mom even cought him stealing my thick worn socks on the laundry basket.. but i guess its okay with me.. i really dont know that guys have a huge feet fetish.. okay then i’ll e-mail you guys with pictures of my feet while they are smooth from the socks.. ^^

  43. Gazbo007 Says:

    Hi, i’m a 33 yr old guy from the uk. Thank god i found this link cos’ i’ve been going out my mind thinking i was weird for loving womens feet. THey can be the sexiest thing ever if they are looked after and pedicured nicely. A woman with nice sexy feet and toes doesn’t have to be naked to turn me on as thats often enough for me. I love the inner arch and when the toes are painted with the French polish style, that drives me insane. I would love to talk to any of you who have the same fetish and thoughts as me. Maybe we could exchange ideas…..!!!! contact me at

  44. Gazbo007 Says:

    Like i said earlier, i LOVE womens feet, and if there are any gals out there would wouldn’t mind sharing pics of their feet with me, or some cyber foot sex, or even meeting up for some foot worshiping, i would be most grateful, so please msn me on

  45. Footsie Says:

    Nothing gets my turnon started than when a girl plays footsies w/me-we both must be barefoot. Yes I do worship a girl’s feet but I also enjoy being barefoot. I remember the first time I was in college and walking after a late night of partying, w/a girl through the campus park barefoot and when our feet touched as we rolled around on the grass, i felt a surge of feeling go through my body that didn’t care about college-wanted to actually flunk out (which we both were about to) and enjoy having rich parents(inheritance) so we can just devote our time to sex-me kissing, caressing and licking her feet everday. And whenever I failed to or didn’t quickly in time, her rule was to abuse me.

    A few things however I’ve picked up about different girls over the yrs: Most white girls love to be barefoot and the only thing sometimes preventing them is the societal norm and embarassment but in their heart of hearts, they find it to be their privilege first. They are actually annoyed when non-white girls have their shoes of or are wearing open-toe shoes whne they are not-they subconsciously feel it should be their privilege first. You’ll notice in public settings, they’re the first to put up their feet or kick off their shoes and wear open-toed sandals in the coldest settings-their subconscious msg: worship my white feet.

    Asian women of course will have you believe at first that because it’s a cultural norm, they don’t wear shoes much but actually they’re glad it’s their cultural way. They know it’s one stage closer to sex they enjoy-you’ll notice that whne they come closer to marriage or are actually dating, they start opting more for lesser footwear as do the guys-sandals, open-toed, completely barefoot at home. let’s face it-no sexual thrill is complete until both the girl and the guy are barefoot, with the bottom of their feet caresing each other.

    Now I know that even though I love being barefoot, when I’m w/a white girl, I almost want to wait until she grants me the privilege (I’m not white), because of what I wrote above-white girls know they’re queen-I have to kiss their feet and satisfy them first. I feel the same w/some non-white girls if their rich-it has the same effect.

    W/black girls, I ‘ve found that white guys actually want the girls to suck on their toes-again, the suremacy thing. Keep in mind taht these feelings I talk about apply to people who otherwise don’t have major racial feelings-but when the sexual subconscious speaks, it all comes out. White guys similarly deep in their min would want to castrate any non-white person whothey dare see approaching a white woman’s precious feet.

    I know it’s all bizarre but you’re all honest here so if you’ve felt anything remotely close, do e-mail me at

  46. cutietoes Says:

    This feels like Christmas morning ! ! After sifting through potential lovers with fetishes for anything from bondage to twister-type encounters with multiples, is it possible I have found the venue to find men who honestly love the female foot ? I seriously love donning my freshly bathed toes in sexy shoes ( these heels ain’t made for walking ) and the only thing that could be finer would be to have a man to appreciate them !

  47. mikecarlos Says:

    this is for the japanese girl i want to see your pictures of your feet my email is let chat some time

  48. xtrovertboy Says:

    i am feet lover

  49. xtrovertboy Says:

    please save me. I am 24 year guy and servant of a beautiful, wealthy but very cruel women .She is 32 years old and i am her slave for the past ten year. She everyday in the morning after she do her regular excercise she forcefully insert her wet, sweating and stinking socks inside my mouth.She lethally kicked my face. Thae she ask me to lick her beautiful feet. Afer licking and smelling her sweat feet she forcfully puss mu face inside her wet, sweating and stinking shoes, and she kicked on my head. I now forget my own name but i remember the name SWINE she coined for me which she calling me for the last ten years. Now she want to sold me to some other women because she urgently want a money She has a email id which i am using in her absence i.e. plz. any women who want to buy me can send her quieries in the above mail. i will be her servant for life and do anything she wants. plz but rescue me from this women. Her bid start from $5000 . oh she coming………..aahhhhhhhhhh

  50. the????? Says:

    im 13 years old and i love girls legs anf feets especially white ones.once i got my ten year old girl cousins sanddles which thet stink because she only uses them and jerked off with them.if anyone want to know a website about this go to bare foot maniacs(which i went there accidently)

  51. mcid28 Says:

    I’m a 32 year old guy from India. I like female feet a lot and get aroused by seeing nicely shaped feet and painted toes. If anybody likes to hare their views and interests with me, please mail me to I have visited many foot links and got a good collection of sexy toes, feet and footjobs.

  52. maleslave Says:

    i love girls feet

    i want to lick there feet
    i want to find a girl that will let me lick her feet trample me and stand on my face

  53. alilovefeet Says:

    i am 30 year, i am from syria , if any girls want her feet to be kiss ,i am ready , and my mail :

  54. retro Says:

    if any of u boys sant to lick my feet contact me on and at the end put cocks upso ikown what u want

  55. footslaver Says:

    I extremely love women’s feet! I especially love the bigger sized feet!! I am much more attracted to women who have big feet!! Any size 8 or larger. I also love dirty soles. I could lick and smell feet, clean or dirty any time any day. I have always loved feet, ever since I was a child. I remember when I was a little boy, I would be playing and crawling on the floor, I would start playing and eventually being and smelling my moms feet while she was talking on the phone with my aunt. I remember doing this a lot of times. I enjoyed it! I didn’t know why or understand, I was too young. I remember though, it made me feel good. I then started being at my cousins’ feet and enjoying them a lot. I also remember my grade one teacher. She had a rule where if you forgot to bring your gym shoes you had to play barefoot and the cold gymnasium floor. It was great. A whole bunch of girls running around barefoot was great. Not to mention the smell was awesome. Most of these kids also picked up some of the dirt or dusting from the floor. So their soles looked dirty too. As I got bigger, I would get excited going over to my friends houses and seeing their moms and sisters barefoot and I of course would get excited and start dreaming how I could be at their feet. It was an impossible task. So I didn’t succeed. I once got a very close chance to get a neighbor woman’s feet, but my plan backfired. I was 12 year old so my plan was executed right. She had great feet too. She had size 9 feet. She was always barefoot around the house. I wish I would have succeed to. I eventually started being submissive and wanting to have feet badly. I also started wanting to being kicked in the balls by feet. I’ve dreamed and dreamed about this all the time. Even till this day. The only time I got close was when I paid a dominatrix to be at her feet and to being ballbusted. She did it, but she wasn’t really into it at all, and only kicked lightly. Her feet weren’t that nice either. Although, I had managed to have feet and satisfy my fetish. I love the summer when I go to all the stores and malls, I love looking at all the women’s feet. When I see a woman with great feet, I usually go down the same store isle she’s in, and I lower myself to the bottom shelf, pretented to look for something, sometimes I even get on my knees, and I grab a product off the bottom shelf, pretending to look at the item, when in reality I am staring at the womans’ feet. She doesn’t even realize or care that I am doing this. This only works well if you’re right next to her, where she’s standing. I’ve seen some pretty good feet doing this. It works like a charm. Sometimes I even had a choice of feet to look at, depending on how crowded the isle was. I even had some women catch me look at their feet, and they seemed to not care or mind. That was really fun! Until recently, I got to enjoy my girlfriends feet, which was quite a lot. I would lick and smell her feet as much as I wanted. She would let me too. I even had her kick me a few times too, which was nice. So, I mean, it’s a nice and fun fetish to have!! Enjoy those feet!!

  56. hmm Says:

    I’m 15 nd i love womans feet. I used to have a foot phobia then one day it changed into a fetish. it started when i was 13. I live in sydney, Australia and if any girl around my age wants me to lick her feet, sniff, anything i will do it. no sex or nudity just feet. I’ve never licked before but i always look at girls feet every where. I love french pedicured or panited toe nails. and if any guys or girls just want to chat add me on

  57. the k man Says:

    Hey i’m 15 and i love girls feet i will always look at girls feet every where i go so any girl is 14-15 and like the same thing add me.

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