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Wednesday, February 17th, 2021


space sweepers is everything i could’ve asked for: found space family with a little magical girl, a bunch of stupid former delinquents that now fight for the greater good and adorable adopted robots that care for their friends!

the story was fun and although it’s a heavily action-based film, it still found a way to slow down and let the characters have small moments together. i am obsessed with the fact that everyone spoke their native languages and could understand each other thanks to the live translator, because it meant that for once (for the first time maybe) a space opera got to be diverse in a way that made sense, not just alien stuff. it just felt so welcoming in a way i haven’t seen many futuristic movies be. i loved captain badass jang, uncle tiger, soft sad daddy taeho and bubs a whole lot. there’s a lot of things being said about bubs now but i like her character so much, she just sits outside and reads rilke. who’s doing it like her.

most of the reviews i’ve read so far have been… negative and i understand that there are a few plot holes here and there (they never explain why the villain was poisoned, or why they couldn’t just inject nanobots in other kids to see if it worked like with kotnim) but i feel like the charm of this movie were the characters and their relationships, not the story itself. it has a heart and i think that shines through, even if the plot was sometimes a little confusing.

i’m genuinely overwhelmed by how much i loved this movie, it made me realize i haven’t watched a lot of space families in cinema since endgame ruined gotg and i missed it a lot. such a waste that it only lasts 2 hours because i would’ve loved an entire show like that, it had so much potential.

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