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Tuesday, March 29th, 2016




imagining rey bringing gifts back from her ‘find luke’ trip for finn really warms my heart

Rey trying to think of how she’s gonna present it to him, like,

 “Finn, no big deal but I found this rock and it was so beautiful and it gave me a warm feeling that made me think of you, so… too strong.  That’s way too strong.  
Um…  Finn, this stone symbolizes constancy through adversity and love in spite of… Still too strong, ohhhh why is this so HARD…”

In the end she flings the gemstone into his lap.  

“Got you a rock.”  She says.

Finn LOVES it.

I imagine her bringing him a tiny plant in a stone container from the very green places she’s been. She just sort of shoves it into his hands and says too loudly, “I BROUGHT YOU THIS.”

He needs to find a safe place to put it. He asks Poe because he has no idea what plants need. Poe helps him find a spot that gets enough light. Not easy when you live in a bunker. “You should talk to it. Water it when the soil is dry.”

“You want me to talk to a plant?” Finn suspects Poe is kidding, but Poe knows a lot. So when he’s sure no one is around, Finn talks to the curling green leaves and the velvety hairs on their stems. He carefully tests the soil to see if it needs water. Sometimes he hums a barely remembered tune. Someone must have hummed it to him when he was smaller than he can remember. A mother, an aunt, a grandmother, a sister. He might have once had all of those. He runs a calloused finger tip along a delicate green shoot. A whisper of a touch. This little plant is so full of possibilities, but he doesn’t know what will become of it. It’s small and seems fragile.

Finn doesn’t have a lot of free time, but when he needs a quiet moment he visits Rey’s plant. On a warm morning he finds it covered in tiny purple buds. The next day they open revealing white starred centers. He runs all over trying to find Rey and drags her back to see it. She’s skeptical and keeps trying to turn back because she’s busy. Nothing could be that urgent. He doesn’t let go of her hand and repeats that she must see this.

She looks at the little plant and blinks in that open-hearted, open-eyed way that someone with her experiences shouldn’t have. She looks up at Finn and grins. “I didn’t know they flowered.”

Finn grins back and he knows he looks like a goof and he doesn’t care at all. He’s the plant. Rey is water and song and sunlight.

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