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Wednesday, October 28th, 2015


So @rachelkiley and I had a wild brilliant stupid dumb idea just now that tomorrow we might be sitting on a rare opportunity to do something fun! and experimental! and transmedia! and what kind of online creator-types would we be if we didn’t at least try to explore this somehow someway immediately. 


Rachel Kiley and I both recently wrote/directed two very different short films, in collaboration with the YouTube Space LA and Skybound Entertainment for a Halloween Filmmaking Initiative. More about that here. We were given the same location – a decaying house – and told to craft a story that could take place on this set.

In the Dark by Rachel Kiley
In a post-apocalyptic world overrun by a deadly virus, three friends must decide how to spend their last night together after one of them is infected. Premiered today, Oct 27, watch here.

Angie & Zahra by Yulin Kuang
A tale of two besties taking on the zombie apocalypse with the power of female friendship. Premiering tomorrow, Oct 28, watch here.

For reasons relating to Rachel and I both coming from fandom backgrounds / fanfiction-writing pasts, we’ve been trading moral support in the form of flash fanfic for each other’s short films during the past few days, and somehow it snowballed today into the idea for a co-written crossover companion fic to both In the Dark and Angie & Zahra.

I’ve always been a fan of expanding story universes and crack!fic and transmedia experiments, SO my proposition is this:


1. Tomorrow at 10am PT, Rachel and I will release our co-written crossover companion fic to In the Dark and Angie & Zahra, one part on my blog and one part on hers. We’ll leave these fics in the tags of our respective short films, as well as in the tumblr tag Darkness A to Z.

2. We invite you (any of you beautiful people who have made it this far into this text post) to also watch both short films and post any crossover crack!fic, headcanons, fanmixes, fanvids, what-have-you into the Darkness A to Z tumblr tag. If we see it and it fits into the (extremely very) loose storyline Rachel and I have agreed upon, we’ll reblog it and add it to the crack!canon universe of In the Dark and Angie & Zahra.

3. This is just for fun! Canon is what you make of it and you are more than welcome to disregard this whole side transmedia experiment because the films were definitely conceived to stand on their own. But neither Rachel or I can remember a time when a fan-canon experiment was able to crossover more than one story universe, so we think this could be something interesting to try. It also occurred to us that we may have just the perfect amount of audience overlap that these fics should exist in the world outside of our private iMessage transcripts.

SO, YEAH. Let’s do a thing, maybe? Or at least @rachelkiley and I will be doing a thing and against our better judgement releasing it out into the world for your general entertainment/bemusement and you are welcome to join if you’re so inclined!

PS In case you’re reading this and have previously only followed either Rachel or me or neither of us (in which case hello! how did you find this?), here’s a quick thing about who we are –

Yulin Kuang is a writer/director, who previously was showrunner for the series Kissing in the Rain and oversaw its accompanying fan-canon transmedia experiment, more about that here and here. You can find her work on Shipwrecked Comedy and YulinisWorking.

Rachel Kiley is a writer/director who previously worked on The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, The Lydia Bennet! and is the co-author of the book The Epic Adventures of Lydia Bennet. You can find her on Twitter and Tumblr.

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