Some Encanto head canons

Bruno has aphantasia. This is why his visions manifest the way they do. It’s also a big part of why he needs sets and actors to play out his telenovelas. He can’t actively imagine them.

Félix survived a major hurricane as a child. Rather than being traumatized, he became fascinated by severe weather. He is a storm chaser at heart, and if he had a dream vacation destination, it would be either the Gulf/Caribbean region during hurricane season or Oklahoma during storm season.

Isabela’s preferred type is the clumsy nerd who never gives up and always puts family first, because that’s the type of provider she always saw modeled in her own father (this is based on an early concept for a character). She has also become keenly interested in botany and is her mother’s go-to for herbs. She knows exactly which plants in Colombia will kill you and which ones you can use.

Casita modified most of the family’s rooms after being rebuilt to be more suited to what they needed. Dolores’ room is soundproof, Isabela’s room looks similar in many ways to Antonio’s jungle, Luisa’s room is an in-home spa with adjacent gym, Mirabel’s room is bigger on the inside and full of storage for her arts and crafts, and Bruno’s room is stairs-free and looks much more relaxing.

Alma is a slapstick and vaudeville fan, but would never openly admit it. Camilo is the one who has the easiest time making her laugh.

Luisa is the biggest Greek mythology nerd in Encanto. By a lot. She also studies classical architecture in her free time and wishes she could tour Europe’s cathedrals.

Julieta hasn’t recieved a present not related to the kitchen from anyone since she was five, with the only exceptions being her engagement ring from Augustín and embroidered clothing or bags from Mirabel. Even then, Mirabel is where Julieta usually gets a new apron or kitchen towel. She wishes that she could just get a set of candles or a new book as a present for once.

Pepa’s favorite weather phenomenon is the rainbow, because it means the storm has passed. She can most easily create rainbows following an emotional release, so they also represent freedom to her.

Antonio has a picture book of African animals his paternal grandmother sent him, and he’s hooked. His family worries that someday he might try to bring every critter in Africa to Colombia. It doesn’t help when Bruno casually mentions something about hippos clogging the rivers in the northern part of the country in future decades.

Dolores had to learn selective hearing in order to cope with all the overwhelming sounds in her world. She can actually fail to hear a family member talking to her in the same room because she is focused on a selection of sounds or conversations.

Augustín is allergic to bees, strawberries, shellfish, and whatever else I deem appropriate to the plot of a fic.

Camilo is, of course, the theater kid in the family. But his idea of relaxing and enjoying himself is listening to classical music. He swaps a lot of records with Alma and Luisa.

Mirabel is a natural strategist. She’s good at chess, math and logic puzzles. She’s highly capable of seeing angles most people never consider, and can combine logic and emotion to read a situation and cut to the heart of it. She is arguably the most intelligent Madrigal.

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