i don’t expect this to be very widely known but here in vancouver we’ve had a barge stuck on shore since mid november

we’re going on day 25 of barge simpson not moving a damn inch and i for one hope it never moves


They put up a sign


Ever Given fans reading this post like:

I think it’s really important, for non-Vancouverites, that you know some additional layers of the joke to this, because this shit’s got history:

  • One of our parks has an abstract statue in it of someone reclining.
  • In Nov 2012, an artist made a sign as a joke, “Dude Chilling Park”, which looked exactly like our official Parks Board signs (except for the official park boards seal). 
  • The Vancouver Parks Board removed the sign but, after a whole lot of petitions, they put in an official one a year and a half later, also “Dude Chilling Park”, but now with the proper seal attached.
  •  Fast forward 7 years later. We have horrible floods. A barge washes up on Sunset Beach and gets grounded there. It has yet to be removed.
  • The Vancouver Parks Board, unprompted, adds a “Barge Chilling Beach” sign.
  • …Also, they announced this by tweet:

Excuse me, but are we gonna just fly right past “Barge Simpson”?

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