Who’s not vaccinated?


Literally everyone I know in person who I have asked about it is vaccinated for COVID now. I see all these reports on the news though that the U.S. has only had a little over 50% of people get one vaccine dose and just a little over 40% with two doses.

Who isn’t getting vaccinated?

It’s pretty easy to get vaccinated now, walk-ins are available.

If anyone hasn’t gotten a COVID vaccine yet and has any questions I would be glad to talk about my experience. I had COVID, the illness, over a year ago in March 2020 and I got vaccinated in April 2021. People like me apparently are at a higher risk of a stronger reaction to the vaccine, and I did have a somewhat unpleasant reaction to both vaccines. I also had Moderna, which is the “heaviest” of the vaccines in terms of side-effects.

But it still wasn’t too bad and I would do it again.

The discomfort I experienced from the vaccine side-effects was nothing compared to the living hell I went through when I got COVID. COVID was far worse than having a flu, and the worst of the vaccine reaction was one day of mild flu-like symptoms but not even as bad as a full-on flu. I lost one night of quality sleep both times and felt kinda cruddy for a few days.

Yeah, the pandemic is winding down, but people are still dying…on average 500 people a day in the U.S.

I’ve heard people raise concerns about vaccine safety saying, well what if there are long-term effects that aren’t known? And I’m like, okay that makes some sense but you have to compare it to long-term effects from having COVID. I had COVID and it took me months to recover to where I was consistently able to exercise at a normal level, and I had a “mild to moderate” case, was never hospitalized.

Take your pick…chance of that happening, or chance of you spreading it to someone who has that happen or worse…or maybe a 10-15% chance of feeling really cruddy for a few days like I did? Millions of people have been vaccinated and there is now growing and overwhelming evidence that the vaccine is not only safe compared to nothing, but it’s much, much safer than getting this illness.

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