danskjavlarna: “The ghost rabbit.”  From Wild Animals I Have…


“The ghost rabbit.”  From Wild Animals I Have Known, written and illustrated by Ernest Thompson Seton, 1898.

My collection of vintage rabbits is coming along hoppingly.

The imagery that Tumblr bizarrely deemed insensitive to community standards: WeblogBooksVideosMusicEtsy

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Tags: who, seton meant a lot to me as a kid, I did a book report on him in third grade, and I still remember reading his biography, and being shocked at his relationship with his abusive father, when he turned 18, presented him with an itemized list, of every expense he’d ever incurred, all the way back to the medical expenses of his birth, told him it was his debt to repay, with interest compounding, at a rate of six percent per annum, that shock of recognition, the sudden aloneness in an uncaring world, that resonated, I’m still that 8-year-old, and seeing this artwork brought it back.

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