aboutiroh:Iroh and Sokka shopping togetherIroh and Sokka exchanging jokesIroh teaching Sokka how to…


Iroh and Sokka shopping together

Iroh and Sokka exchanging jokes

Iroh teaching Sokka how to play the tsungi horn and Sokka teaching Iroh how to throw a boomerang

Iroh and Sokka discussing politics during a friendly game of Pai Sho

Sokka telling Iroh everything Zuko has done when he joined the gaang and Iroh trying to hold back his tears because he’s so damn proud of his nephew

Iroh trying to brew tea the Water Tribe way and Sokka holding back his tears because it’s exactly how his mom used to make it

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Tags: i mean, I spent a lot of my life, not knowing what fic was, i'd heard of it, knew the definition, but didn't know what it WAS, it doesn't have to be long, or smutty, or gay, it CAN be all those things, and be wonderful, but the stereotype i learned, in my pre-knowing time, was so wide of the mark, because it focused on what the normie gaze, saw as outré, this tho, this is what fic is, and as it happens it's none of those other things, it's short, rated G, says nothing about gender, all of which is fine and beside the point, it's about narrative imagination, about the world of the loved story, unbound by convention or canon, able to be, through the eye of love, its truest best self.

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