klemannlee: Yellow-breasted Chat


Yellow-breasted Chat

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Tags: birds, closer..., but I dunno, meanwhile, ybch, this one is pretty much at the top of my list, not THAT list, the other list, of likeliest prospects to go on THAT list, im in first place in ebird, in the santa barbara county year rankings, but mark is only 3 or 4 behind me, and he’s birding pretty hard every day, while im doing most of my birding in the backyard, with longer chases confined mostly to weekends, ybch’s have been reported pretty consistently from one place, at barka slough north of lompoc, thinking i might go for those saturday morning, i think mark’s likely to pass me, over the next few months, the birds don’t care, they’re just continuing to be happily gorgeous, and fascinating, i’ve only seen ybch’s three or four times in my life, and they are fabulous.

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