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Tags: or in this case, and yeah, i dunno, julia garner, her ep of modern love was def creepy, though they lampshaded it in the ep pretty effectively, what with her friend telling her it was super creepy and all, but there was also a meta creepiness, b/c the narrative was SO much the usual predatory thing, but the older/more powerful dude was SO thoroughly non-predatory, that a side of me felt like, this is like in 42 when we make a story about race, and racial injustice, but it's a story about the benevolent white man, who overturns the racist structure, it feels good for a racist white man, an older dude watching her character pursue the older dude, but um, i don't think i SHOULD be enjoying this, at least not in THIS world, b/c of the larger actual injustice, being glossed over, it's complicated, but this dress is super pretty so, in conclusion, go zac posen.

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