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Marchesa Resort 2019

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Tags: also, but still, i mean, oh crap, no, not really, which, okay but, sucker for ombré, i kind of like that there are 2019 lines already, b/c i'm kind of wanting to turn the time dial forward lately, i know that's ridiculous, that i'd willingly skip my actual life, the only one I'll ever have, just no, not doing that, the wish to get to the part after the sucky part of what's happening in the world, is a thing, besides the not wanting to miss my actual time here tho, the other thing, is that the side of me that always whispers contrarian things, is full-on whispering, about how I have no reason at all, to believe turning the dial forward will make things *better*, and probably a fair number of reasons to believe that having turned it forward, i'd desperately want to turn it back, (now whispering: you doofus. you don't even have a dial anyway.), the ombré, and not just the ombré, are very pretty.

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