anonsally replied to your photo “Sometimes when I’m birdwatching” Also, I…

replied to your photo “Sometimes when I’m birdwatching”

Also, I would like to say that I like to think Point Sal is named after me. Is it short for something?

I don’t know the name’s origin. A lot of the place names in California are from the era of early Spanish exploration; hence all the saints (San Francisco, Santa Catalina, Santa Clara…) because it happened to be that particular saint’s feast day when they came across that island or river or whatever. 

There are a number of Salsipuedes Points or Point Salsipuedeses, which I don’t have to translate for your impressively polyglot self. Those often refer to places that were prone to becoming a dangerous lee shore, which was a big deal when you were exploring in an 18th-century sailing ship that didn’t go to windward very well. So they sometimes gave those places scary names as a safety tip to future mariners. I wondered at one point if “Point Sal” was just a shortened version of one of those. Though thinking about it some more that seems unlikely.

Point Sal might be a reference to salt? There are some high dunes just north of it; maybe they looked salty from the sea? Or maybe there were salt deposits in the area?

I’m going to headcanon it as named after you, though, if that’s okay. Because that’s cool. And because you “moo”ed at the cows. 🐂👍😀

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