(2/2) She really liked how happy TTOP were when they won, so I showed her the video of Dongfeng crossing the line to win overall and she was really touched by seeing them cry in joy, and because I said “Wow, somebody other than Pascal swore”, she wanted to see the “Dongfeng Frustration” video next and laughed at it. I’m really glad I helped her discover the VOR even though it’s all over except the prize-giving.

I still haven’t watched that video (with the on-board footage of Dongfeng crossing the line) due to the aforementioned DSL outage. Can’t wait!

And that TTToP managed to climb out of last place, but only by relying on two (2) different tie-breakers (taking 6th ahead of Scallywag in the In-Port series despite being tied with them on points because they beat them in the last In-Port Race, and then taking 6th overall despite being tied again on points because of having beaten them in the In-Port series) is just the perfect button on all the hair’s-breadth wackiness at the end of this edition of the race.

Thanks for your many contributions to the small but doughty VOR Tumblr fandom! 😜

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