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For those who wonder, and people often ask, my pictures are taken in
eastern Pennsylvania in the States. Some people who live where I take
most of the pictures have asked that I not say exactly where it is
because the area has become so small and fragile, but some of you have probably figured it out from place names I’ve dropped.

Pennsylvania is still beautiful in some places, but a broad part of the
beautiful landscape that once existed here has been bulldozed and made
into industrial parks, ugly modern housing, and shopping centers with
big highways and lots of Walmarts and fast food, because it is so close
to New York City and Philadelphia. So for me some sadness accompanies
the beauty in every one of my pictures. These places I post pictures of, along with the
plants, birds, and other things still living there, are the last
remnants of a once large and beautiful pastoral area. Earlier, before
settlers arrived, it was home to a magnificent ancient forest full of amazing and
beautiful plants and other life of which we now have only dwindling

Every year I see things I have taken pictures of, and
posted on this blog, being destroyed. I know that eventually it will all
be gone. I feel like people should see how beautiful it was before it
disappears forever. I thank everyone for sharing in the beauty that
might otherwise be forgotten. <3

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