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Downy Woodpecker


This portmanteau was created from phrase ‘downy woodpecker’. Beep-boop. Portmanteau^bot^1

Portmanteau bot is renaming the birds for us!

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Tags: birds, i mean, dowo, i prefer the bander tag, but downoodpecker is good too, this little dude is such a charmer, i can remember a time not that long ago, when I seriously had to work at dowo vs hawo, I'd mostly just always included them in the category of birds that were hard, and that I didn't have around and see that much anyway, but since I've gotten more serious about it, and esp. since I've had both of them around where I live, these last few decades, I now can't imagine having a problem, at least not if I can see their beaks, distinguishing them by vocalization is sometimes trickier, but I know someone who's awesome at that, hint: it's quickthreebeers 😜.

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