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Shipwrecked Comedy and American Black Market proudly present: Chapter Ten of Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party – “Annabel Lee”

It’s just like the famous saying, “After nine episodes of nonstop death: revelations.”

Written and Created by Sean Persaud & Sinéad Persaud

Featuring: Sean Persaud, Sinéad Persaud, Mary Kate Wiles, Ashley Clements, Tom DeTrinis, Ryan Garcia, & Joey Richter

Directed by: William J. Stribling

This episode’s transmedia prompt is: Revelation.  Let your imagination run wild! If you would like to participate, you have until Saturday October 29th at 11:59 pm PDT to get in your entries, and Sunday October 30th each member of Shipwrecked will pick an entry to be featured and reblogged here on Shipwrecked’s official tumblr. Entries of all types are encouraged–fan fic, fan art, crafts, playlists, whatever our prompt inspires you to create! Be sure and tag your entries poe party ftw to be considered.

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Can you believe we’re almost done? Last one before the finale, folks. Strap in–things are gettin’ cray.

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