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This rant is brought to you by Poe Party and who is honestly surprised by that. 

Listen, I fucking love this web series and here is why. 

As an amateur writer, I get discouraged like all the time, literally every second because either I’m not writing often enough, my ideas are crap, I’ll never be a good writer, etc. etc. and whatever else my anxiety can concoct. 

But when I remember how weird all the classic authors are? Like, when I remember how Emily Dickinson literally almost never left her house, how Ernest Hemingway was probably a sex addict and was definitely an alcoholic and how Edgar Allen Poe suffered from a crazy severe depression and how George Eliot was always running from herself, I feel better about what I can accomplish. Because hey, these flawed people made it– why not me? And seeing them portrayed on a medium like YouTube so well and with such light humor takes away that worry that I’ll never amount to anything and fade into oblivion after I die.

Now, when my anxiety is like hey you suck, my brain is like yeah they said that about Oscar Wilde too and look where he is, he’s being played by an incredible actor on an amazing web series that I hold very dear to my heart so HA to you anxiety, also leave me alone please and thank you.

Also, it combines my two very favorite things which are literature and history so that’s a plus. 

Also it’s a pretty great community that I can feel like I belong to, so that’s also nice. 

Moral of the story, thank you Poe Party for helping me combat my anxiety and fear of oblivion, I really appreciate it.

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