vvhaler: “theres no politics in eurovision!!”


“theres no politics in eurovision!!”

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Tags: anyway, if weird, thanks for the promo eurovision!, i did in fact explain to my partner in crime at lunch what eurovision is, which I know only because of tumblr, and especially because of lucerei, whose liveblogging i've never been tempted to block, even though she kind of does dive into the deep end each year, it's cool, to experience this big annual cultural event, entirely at one remove, through the aware and often ironic squee of fans, and the occasional gif, without my having ever watched the actual thing directly, go eurovision!, congratulations to the winner!, who I won't name, so I can't be accused of spoilers, even though it totally wouldn't be spoiler-y to join in the gushing, b/c srsly, you do not deserve to remain unspoiled about some things, if the aliens landed tomorrow, guess what?, you get to know about that, and as far as I can tell, eurovision is exactly that, and i for one, look forward to our [redacted] overlords.

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