brettforsythphotography: Yellow-rumped Warbler It’s that time…


Yellow-rumped Warbler
It’s that time of year again! Song bird migration. Managed to get out into the backyard during a mini yellow-rumped eruption (10+ birds). Found a few others in there as well but you will have to wait to see them :) Yellow-rumped Warblers are an early migrant to Southern Ontario. They spend their winters in Central America, the Caribbean and the Southern US. In the spring they migrate north as far as Alaska to breed. As a song bird population they are doing pretty well compared to others with only a slight decline.

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Tags: PJH, this is a really nice photo of the kind of yrwa we don't usually get around here, the western us leans toward audubon's rather than myrtle, when I was a kid they were separate species, when the AOU combined them, there was much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments, among avid life listers, I think we might have lost two flickers in that update as well, i was never that avid, I get excited about seeing them, and I enjoy counting them, but the counting is way below the seeing in my personal hierarchy, the AOU giveth, the AOU taketh away, but the birbs abide.

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